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Flipping the narrative for craft beer

We’re massive beer fans so when the chance came up to rebrand our beloved local brewery and taproom at Eight Arch we jumped straight in. Ok, we might have badgered founder Steve just a little until he let us take the reins…but with the motto ‘we make what we love’ we just knew we’d be a match made in heaven!

This is a brewery that does things well, taking taste seriously and hand-delivering orders to bars and shops – so we wanted to create a stand-out brand to match their stand-out quality and service.

eightarch Wall Poster Mockup

In contrast to the highly illustrative styles we were seeing everywhere in the busy craft beer space, we stripped the brand right back with bold, clean graphics and a minimalist logo. The arch shapes happily come together on the shelf to represent the local landmark that inspired the brewery’s name, Julian’s Bridge in Wimborne. The result is a brand that shines in a sea of ‘same’.

eightarch meet corbel
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Jules & Mike approached us with their concepts for our brewery and had taken the brand in a completely different direction, one we had never considered and we LOVED IT. Their experience within the packaging world and attention to detail makes the whole process a dream. Their creativity is always bang on and we 100% trust them with our brand.

Founder of Eight Arch Brewery

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